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Name: Kira
Preferred Pronoun: She/Her
Contact: [ profile] narwa

Name: Maeglin // Lómion
Canon: Tolkien's Middle Earth Compendium, Silmarillion
Pull-point: Nirnaeth Arnoediad, on the pass of Sirion, right after Huor's prophecy, while Turgon organizes the retreat, 6th day after Midsummer in 396.

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Age: 152, looks "ageless" which probably means early-20ies-ish? (as a note, this is extremely young for an Elf)

Gender/Sex: Male

Appearance: "tall" (6'8"); dark hair (almost black) and piercing, grey eyes; very white skin, tall, of average build (he used to be quite muscled but lately has lost a good amount of weight. Pointy ears, and his soul is bigger than his body (= he glows in the dark). He keeps himself completely covered from neck to toe at all times, wearing mostly black and grey. He tends to hold himself very straight and regal and put on a pokerface. This no more seriously this depiction by Dakkun (default expression and skin tone) and this depiction by nevui-penim-miruvorr (everything else) are what I'm going with.


[using the tolkiengateway timeline for the sake of simplicity]

Born in 320 FA to Eöl and Aredhel, whom Eöl trapped in his forest kingdom Nan Elmoth and forcibly married. He grows up in the forest, only leaving it to visit the Dwarves of Nogrod and Belegost with his father. His mother teaches him about her native Noldorin culture/language/history in secret, his father and the Dwarves teach him about smithwork and mining. After almost a century, him and his mother escape from the forest and in 400 FA arrive in Gondolin, the hidden city over which Aredhel's brother reigns.

Eöl followed them. When Aredhel and Maeglin won't return with him to Nan Elmoth, he attempts to kill Maeglin (if I can't own him nobody should) and kills Aredhel instead. Eöl is thrown to his death off the city walls for the murder, and Turgon takes care of Maeglin. Maeglin becomes a lord of one of the houses of Gondolin (the house of the Mole, which does the mining for all the precious materials that the city needs) and falls in love with his cousin Idril, who doesn't return his feelings and by degree of relation isn't appropriate to love, anyway.

When the Nirnaeth Arnoediad comes around in 472, he is asked to be regent of Gondolin while everyone goes out to war, but pleads to follow with the host instead. He does and witnesses/fights in that disaster, but survives.

In 396 a Man comes to Gondolin and says that they should leave the city. Maeglin and Turgon both don't like that plan. Idril crushes hard on the Man and they get married and have a child only seven years later. Guess who's jelly and likes that Man even less now.

And then, while working on some mining project, the Dark Lord's minions capture him and drag him off to the Dark fortress, and under duress he betrays Gondolin's location and later continues to be a traitor, working from within Gondolin towards its downfall. He dies when Gondolin falls in 510, falling to his death from its walls.

Personality: Maeglin comes with a number of content/trigger warnings, including: Massively controlling father (both towards him and towards his mother); The relationship of his parents has clear abusive notions, including questionable sexual consent; Themes of what is perceived as love (of a person rejecting that feeling) turning ugly and making the desired person/people into objects that can be possessed (Eöl->Aredhel/Maeglin and Maeglin->Idril); incest (wanting to marry his cousin); parental death (his father tried to kill him and killed his mother instead and then was executed for the murder); fantasy racism, on both ends of the stick (Noldor vs Sindar in both directions (he's half/half - both sides feel like they're the far superior option) and Elves vs humans). An opt-out post can be found here: Opt-out post

All the tw/cw make it probably clear that he is traumatized ( and addition to the above items, he is also from the middle of his first battle, which is going disastrously badly for his side). Outwardly, things that touch on any of the aforementioned items won't show in more than him becoming very quiet and withdrawn, cold looking, but things will still show up in the narrative and might show up in conversations.

Maeglin speaks not at all when he is overwhelmed (be it good or bad), instead opting to remain coldly expressionless, silent and watch; speaks little in most situations; and speaks persuasively and plenty when the matter at hand is important to him.

He likes learning and does it eagerly and swiftly, but also likes to pass his knowledge on. He's wise and careful in counsel, but valiant and hardy when needed, and a good, fearless fighter. He's usually a reliable, hardworking and tireless worker, always up to work for the advancement of the group and himself.

He's incredibly stubborn and won't abandon a goal, and is very ambituous. This doesn't mean that he is impatient, ruthless or can't suffer tactical or otherwise necessary delays. Under normal circumstances, he may be opportunistic and jealous, but never immoral or unlawful. Also, if you earn his loyalty or hatred you will never get rid of it.


- Openness of mind (can "talk" to flora and fauna and even some inanimate things)
- Sanwe-layta (telepathy) - he's pretty good at this, and also at shielding his mind
- ambidextrous
- superior hearing and eyesight
- doesn't need sleep (Elves are kinda dolphins there)
- wisdom
- hard to kill, doesn't age/die of age
- healing (having participated in the Nirnaeth, his abilities aren't particularly great)
- songs of power
- blacksmithing and related things
- mining and related things
- good at hunting small game
- Sindarin (1st age Northern Beleriand), Quenya (post-shift Noldorin), and he's probably one of the very few Elves who speaks a decent amount of Khuzdul
- riding
- using sword, bow and daggers
- persuasive orator
- good at politics and leadership


- horse in full war equipment
- armour, sword, a small bow but no arrows, a set of daggers
- signet ring of his House of the Mole
- a locket with a painting of his mother in it


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